Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter 2014!

Happy Easter, my friends!  I do hope that you are celebrating and worshiping our risen Savior!  If you don't have a church you regularly attend, ask a friend with whom you could go!  And if you live near ME, come to MY church!  What a delight it would be to have you there!!  (Seriously, email me if you want details.

We dyed Easter eggs last night for the very first time with the adopted crew (well, the little one else was interested. Whatever!).

One of them asked me where we would insert the candy.  What the what?  They were completely clueless of the boiled (REAL) egg procedure.  So it was fun to see them experience it for the first time!  (But as a mom who's been doing this for 20+ years, I'm just so very tired.  SO tired.)

Here's the pictorial:

And Brenden is home!  But since he doesn't like to be photographed (along with the rest of the Big crew), here is one of the few photos I got of him, in his native state.  Happy to be here, but annoyed that I would dream of taking a pic of him.

And that's about it, my Easters friends!  Enjoy your weekend as you praise and worship our Redeemer!!

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