Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Time-Saving & Sanity-Sparing Tips for the Kitchen!

Hello, my snowy friends!  It is a find blizzardy goodness here in Kansas today!  And I'll tell you what, when school gets canceled, it seems to be embedded into my brain that I get the day off too.  So, I've done nary a thing all day long.  Nary a thing!  And the entire world around me is closing up early, so...I'm thinking I'll put a closed sign on my kitchen, and call it good.  Then find a place to hide so these rascally kids can't find me, telling me of their woes, what with their hunger problems and all.

Anyway, this is sort of a repost.  But not exactly.  Well, it's a repeat that has been enhanced slightly!

When I posted a while back about some of my Sam's Club finds, things that are making my life a little easier, I got a lot of questions...so I thought I'd talk about it again (with a couple additions!).  Because honestly, it's just fun.  If there's two things I absolutely love to shop for it's:  1. Office Supplies   2. Restaurant supplies. Even though I don't have an office, nor a restaurant.  But I like to pretend that I do.

So, here ya go.

I bought a slew of extra forks and spoons (and am kicking myself that I didn't pick up some more knives). They're just cheapo-CHEAPOS...but they bring the food from plate to mouth just as handily as fine silver flatware.  Score!

We seem to always be running out of clean utensils, so I'm really happy to have a gob of backups!

And the other thing I really like to do with all the extras is this:

Along with what's in the traditional flatware drawer, I have two jars with forks, spoons, and knives, strategically placed around my kitchen, so that Lori doesn't have to travel far.  It's my highest goal to not move more than absolutely necessary.

The forks were $7.12 and the spoons were $$5.88 for three dozen each.  Sweet!


Next up, portion cups & lids.

My people, these are THE best things!

When the kids/husband need to take dipping sauce, salad dressing, granola, w.h.a.t.e.v.e.r., in their lunches...it's perfect for all of it.  And the best part?  You don't have to wash them!

I don't remember the exact cost on these little suckers, but I do remember doing the math and they came to about .01 per cup.  There are 2,500 in each box...so, plan to not run out for a gooood long time.  That makes me really super happy!


Foil sheets.

I use foil sheets constantly when doing highlights in my hair shop.  But it just recently occurred to me that they'd be mighty handy in the kitchen too.  I'm so stoked to have them.   Welcome to the kitchen, my new aluminum friends!



Okay, this was by far the biggest hit in my last post.  They are soooo nice to have!  And the kids just love them so much.

(I can't remember how much I paid for them...but they were super cheap!)

Add with them some waxed paper sheets...

And you've got yourself a dynamic diner duo!

And just so you don't think I'm all-deep-fried-all-the-time...we put healthy things in our baskets too! ;)

(I bought these particular waxed paper sheets at Costco...but Sam's has them too.)


The infamous paper plates, of course!

And aluminum pans, for your roasting/baking/cooking convenience.

Now.  Let me just say that I do realize that ALL of these things combined are an investment.  I didn't buy them all at once, just here and there over the last couple months.  And since most of them have CRAZY quantities, I won't be buying them again for a really good long time.

Also, I don't use all this stuff super frequently.  Only on days when I know that I need some time-saving {SANITY SPARING} help.

And with water/detergent I'm saving in not washing, I think the cost is a wash.  Haha, a wash...get it?

Well, anyway.  Like I said in my last post, I'd really rather put my energy into what's going into my family's mouths (homemade food!)....so if saving time by buying such things helps me do that, I'm all for it!

If you have any time-saving, sanity-sparing, handy-handy ideas for making your kitchen experience better, please let me know!  I'd love to hear!

So there you go.  Now get out there and shop the restaurant aisle!  You'll have a blast.

Have a blessed and warm Tuesday evening!!


Anonymous said...

Laughed at your comment about shopping for office supplies--I go to Staples and just wander around looking at all the cool "officy" stuff think how I can use it at home--lol. I love new folders, dividers, organizers of all sorts.

Renate said...

First time to comment. Love your tips and recipes.I am baking my own fresh bread. Do you have a good soup recipe?

Joanne Reddell said...

LORI!!!! I loved this post!! Thanks for all the great ideas! I can't wait to go to Sam's, which is in New Mexico, about an hour away. I don't get there often but I know EXACTLY what I'll buy on my next visit......portion cups w/ lids (LOVE!), foil sheets (DOUBLE LOVE!), roasting pans (TRIPLE LOVE!)

Stay warm, my friend! And just remember that spring/summer will be here before you know it! Love you, girlfriend!!!!!!

(Did I use enough exclamation points in this comment!??!!?? Bahaha!)

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