Monday, February 3, 2014

Spa-Like Shopping {alone!}

Good Monday morning to you, my friends!

I hope you had a super fabulous time watching the lame Super Bowl!  Seahawks won, yay!  They're who I was rooting for, but I must admit, I felt terribly sorry for the Broncos.  Ouchy!  And I do really like me some Peyton, I was disappointed that it wasn't at least a closer and more exciting game, ya know?  

I want to publicly thank those of you who emailed & commented about my little leave-of-absence.  I really appreciate your kind and thoughtful words of encouragement.  You're the best!

A couple of you asked about Macy and Eli.  They are extremely quiet and withdrawn, so I don't have much to report, except that they are healthy and doing great in school.  Macy will be graduating HS this spring and we are looking for her a place to live while she attends a local college.

Well, I'm off to Sam's Club, ya'll!  Which is pretty much a day-at-a-spa for me these days, as long as I can go alone.  And today I am!  We are expecting mega snow storm starting tomorrow I gotta get stocked up!

Enjoy your day, friends!  I hope it's full of sunshine, glittery stickers, and a fun trip to Sam's Club spa-like good times!



Angie said...

Just got back from running around town myself. That same snowstorm is supposed to hit us tomorrow afternoon. I feel like I'm living at the North Pole, for heavens sake!

Wendy said...

Welcome back Lori!!!! So happy to have your back in the bloggy world. I missed you!!!! My daughter is kind of withdrawn. She keeps to herself and only really has one good friend although this is a very good friend so I am happy for that. Hard to read her though. Teen years are almost here....oh what fun!!!

Enjoy Sams Club and enjoy the snow and cold.

dannette said...

Glad you are back! We are getting ready to hunker down for the storm - still no word on if we have a snow day tomorrow, but most districts around us are already closed for tomorrow. I made your recipe for easy chicken pot pie, but I also made a hamburger one too and my husband thought it was amazing. Thanks for the inspiration!

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