Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Our Snowy Goodness!

Well, my goodness.  Though we've escaped the clutches of wintery weather until February, it definitely hit us hard yesterday!  Wowie!  I reckon we got close to a foot of snow.  How fun, right?  Yessssss.

I ventured out this morning and it was so invigorating!  Five degrees will make you think funny that way.

 But to back up just a bit, last night was such a wintery-cozy kind of deliciousness!  Figuratively and literally.

 K-Man worked hard to keep our driveway cleared (and our neighbor's!)...only to wake up this morning to a few more inches covering all his hard work.  Dang it!

 I did my part by making a big batch of chili. 

And cinnamon rolls.  God bless America!!

Here's what today brought:  Loads of snow, blue skies, and bright sunshine.  And COLD!

I love every part of it!

My chickens don't mind the cold one single bit.  But the snow?  Um, yeah, they despise it!  So they'll just stay all cozy-like in their little red hen house, thank you very much.

One of my gals decided to find an extra safe spot way up on a rafter!  She's a smart one.

Only two of my kiddos decided to brave the cold and venture out with me....

Nick had all kinds of manly-fun by defying the piles and piles of snow with our ATV.  He tore right through it like it was butta, baby.

 And Zeke...well my heavens, he is in heaven with this weather!

I love it.

I love it so much!

I love it soooooo very much!

Did I mention I love the snow?  Because I do!

And then there was the littlest man of the house...taking it all in.

 Isaiah, did you hear the news that it snowed?  I love it!  Did you know that?

Then there was this, back inside the compound:

You know me, I try to keep up with the current theme!  Piles.

Send help immediately to dig me out of this place!!!

Enjoy your day, friends, whatever you are weathering!


Jana said...

Looks like you got a bit more snow than we did, but it was the first real snowfall this winter so it was FABulous!

And yes, I'm afraid we have the same theme going as you...when you find someone to dig you out you can send them over here next! Please!! ;)

Patty said...

I love sunshine and snow! It's so pretty! Here we are clouded over in the teens....freezing. And blah! Stay warm my friend!

Wendy said...

Yes, I had piles upon piles too. Got it all done today and hubby comes home with really never ends does it? Love the snow but really love the sunshine. Enjoy the snow...someday it will be very hot.

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