Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Olympic Hope and Cow Eyeballs

Good Tuesday, my friends!  How the heck are ya?  The ridiculously frigid, single-digit temps continue in my neck of the woods and I'll tell you what, I'm done with it.  DONE.  I can handle cold, but this is stupid.  The only smidgen of good I can possibly think of that will come out of this is that all the ticks and mosquitoes being wiped out, come summer.  But that's a theory that doesn't even seem to pan out, as logical as it sounds.   

Anyway, have you been watching the Olympics?  People, let me tell you this.  I LOVE THE OLYMPICS. Any sport, I will watch it!  And love it.  I'm all like, "USA - USA - USA... Goooooo USA!"  But, my heart just swells with pride for whoever wins, honestly.  They've all worked harder than any of us can imagine and I think that's just so neat.  They are the epitome of discipline and focus!  And my very, VERY favorite part is hearing the back stories of the athletes, the adversities they've endured, the obstacles, their families, all of it, I love it!  

OH, and I absolutely LOVE seeing the parents on the sidelines.  Goodness, I just weep.  How fabulous for them to watch their babies climb to such a place in life!

Do you love all that too?  I hope you do.  Oh, and the commercials.  Goodness!  The "Thank You, Mom" commercials??  Stop it.  It's almost more than my heart can take, my gracious.

And I'll tell you one more thing.  I can easily convince myself that I can do just about any of those sports, as I sit there on my couch in my bathrobe.  They make it look so effortless and easy.  Man, they're good.

But around here, here's what's been happening:

Lucy and Isaiah rediscovered their doctor kits and gave me a full exam (but apparently they didn't have a pregnancy test in there, to save myself $4.  Don't worry, I didn't mention it to them, this time.)   

Lucy was the doctor.

 And she appointed Isaiah to be her nurse.
(I love that!)

Lucy insists, however, that she is going to be a dentist and a farmer.  Goodness, that will come in handy! Because I'm pretty sure that dentists can get their hands on some good Botox.  You know, for those who need that sort of thing.

This most recent round of medical interest was I'm sure prompted by what's going on in Lucy's homeschool science class:

Yesterday they dissected a cow eyeball!  And even though Lucy was quite proud of the fact that SHE didn't throw up like one of the boys in her class did, I think we can easily conclude by this picture that she wasn't all-in on this, being that she's not the one wearing the gloves.  But she was still fascinated.  Almost as much as she was last week when they dissected a snake and found a bird in its belly!

Blah!  And that's reason #458 that I'm so thankful for the wonderful homeschool classes they go to!  I can't handle dissecting anything that was once breathing.

So anyway, my apologies if you were eating breakfast while reading this.  But lucky for you, that's the only picture I have. And so that concludes this riveting post.

I hope your day is filled with Olympic hope and low on cow eyeballs!

Love ya!

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