Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My Four Thoughts for Today

1.  I got our taxes done today.  
And let me just say this:  If I ever speak of wanting to become a CPA, stop me at all costs, please.
It baffles me that anyone can sit at a desk crunching numbers, and not go absolutely crazy.

And did I ever tell you about the time, about ten years ago, that I sat straight
across the desk for about an hour with our tax guy (same guy as today), wearing two
completely different earrings?  Dangly earrings, even.  Completely different.
That's what I did. 

Anyway, we're getting a refund.  Hooray!
(And my earrings matched this time)

2.  Today was Lucy and Isaiah's Valentine's Day party at school.
But Isaiah kept calling it the Thanksgiving party.
And I'm thinking, he's not going to be giving thanks for this holiday once he's a grown man.
That's what I'm thinking.

But he had a blast.  And by that I mean that he was all kinds of crazy, all day long.
I should have known things were going to be off-kilter for that one when he 
woke up this morning and told me,
"Mom, today I have one million energies!"

And his teacher did in fact confirm that with me later today . 

3.  K-Man and I went on a date the other day!
We actually had quality time together and quality conversations.
Such as, a discussion on whether we would be able to go on a little getaway vacation,
just the two of us, this summer (like last year).
We toyed with the idea of a cruise, a week on a tropical island, beach resorts, etc.
Then K-Man said,
"Maybe we could just get a waterbed."

And trust me, he was/is completely serious.  
Vacation plans are now on hold (not that we can afford to go anywhere anyway!) and waterbed
plans are totally underway.

And let it be known that it is completely against my will.
But far be it from me to stand in the way of my man with a plan.

That, I will keep you updated on, for sure.

4.  I personally think that the homeschool year should be officially over by month's end.
We seem to be going nowhere fast, ever since Christmas break.

What I'm saying is, get me to a deserted island immediately!
Or a waterbed, whichever.

And that concludes my thoughts for today.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some Olympics to watch!
USA - USA - USA!!!


Karin said...

I'm so with you on the CPA thing. Can't even relate to anyone who would enjoy that--but glad someone does. :) Nix the waterbed. They are so annoying when you want to move the furniture. ha

Judy Deaton said...

Bwah hah hah :) Thanks for the laugh. You are a better woman than me......I'd be getting in the way all over the place if my man wanted a waterbed! especially over a vacation..... Your date night picture looks like you are two escapees!!! The joy of breaking Forest, run!!!!

Anonymous said...

I strongly suggest you test-drive a waterbed before getting one. Not all it's cracked up to be. :) Plus you feel seasick every time the other sleeper turns over.

Chris said...

Thanks for reminding me, I have some numbers to crunch in the next 2 weeks, so I'm ready for our appt. plus I need to do Zeke's taxes for him. I'm wishing for a vacation too....

Anonymous said...

I have a waterbed and it's been amazing for my back. My back used to hurt daily and now it hardly ever does. They make air frame waterbeds now, so you don't need a wooden waterbed frame or special furniture. And you can choose how much movement you want the mattress to have. A free flow mattress will have more motion than a 95% waveless mattress. If you want a firmer mattress that doesn't move much when the other person moves, try something on the waveless side.

Here's a site with more information:

Janet said...

I was an accounting major, but changed majors my senior year in college.
After I just paid the accountant $185 to sit across from me and put some figures into the computer...15 minutes later, I'm wondering why I changed majors. $185 for 15 minutes!!!
But being an at home mom is better anyway=)

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