Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day {and inside-out-backwards day}

Happy Valentine's Day, loverly friends!

This morning I was up early (as usual) and had all my people's V-Day gifts prepared.

K-Man came into the kitchen and saw his card at his spot at the breakfast bar
and was so surprised because I'm not a card-giving person.
He really loved it and gave me a big huge and told me how wonderful I am,
and how much in love he is with me, and how I am such a fabulous wife, etc., etc.

Then he said,
"Oh, and you also have your night-shirt on backwards...and inside out."

The romance is alive here, folks!

(Don't worry, my hair & makeup team arrived shortly after this to transform me into a person.)

Happy Valentine's Day...and Inside-Out & Backwards Day!


Linda McMichael said...

you make me laugh every day!!!

Jen said...

Considering how many times a night I take may night shirt off and on, it's a toss up on where and how my tag arrives in the morning!

Karin said... crack me up! :)

Jean said...

hahahaha! still chuckling! Could you please send the hair and make up team to my house next!

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