Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ten Thursday Things!

Good day to you, my Thursday Friends!  I hope your day is off to a lovely start and that it's filled with rainbows and glittery unicorns, all the day long.

Here's a list of ten random things for this fine Thursday:

1.  It would be so pitifully sad to see a little boy playing tennis by himself...if it weren't for the fact that he really could not have been happier doing it.

Too bad he doesn't have any siblings who would eagerly play with him.

But, there's this.

Which, I suppose, could explain why they sometimes distance themselves from him.

Moving on.

2.  As I do every single morning, I made myself a delightful breakfast!  Mmmm, gets my day started just right.  Today's fare:  Eggs and waffles w/ a walnut-butter-maple drizzle, and green tea.  And a giant bowl of oranges.  (I didn't really eat all those oranges, you sillies!)

3.  I am sticking to my workout routine like a champ.  And so is K-Man!  We are going to be so buff and ready for the beach, come summer!  Which would really be great if we were actually going to the beach.

4.  Tell me, what difference do you see in my bedroom windows, pictured below:

Does one of them look starkly different than the other?  No?  That's what I thought.  So my decision to only clean one (out of three) sets of blinds, after I got incredibly bored, was a good one.  Nobody cares, nobody notices, so why waste my time, is what I told myself.  The world is a better place with whimsical people like me!

5.  Somebody found themselves a red-hot deal on toothpaste!  Score.

6.  Somebody splurged on new mascara!  Every 2-3 years like clockwork, I tell ya.

7.  Here's what I'm reading right now!  I really think I need to read a book on the power of prayer about every six months, at least!  This is a good one*.

8.  Look at these little darlings!  Homeschooling is coming along just swimmingly.  And by that I mean, I'm drowning!  I cannot seem to get my homeschooling mojo back after having taken a long Christmas break. I'm thinking about just selling all our stuff and buying a big RV and set out to tour the country.

Oh wait, that would mean a smaller space with all these people, plus I'd still have to cook.  Dang.

9.  Completely related to #8, I literally scoured my vitamin cabinet this morning looking for WHATEVER I could shove down my gullet to boost my mood.  I settled on L-Theanine*.  We'll see how that works out.

10.  Tonight's dinner is going to be calzones and salad.  (Which, is partly why I was so stressed this morning. I was trying to get the dough started, but lost count on how many cups of flour I had put in because there were a thousand little children (okay, two) saying over and over, "Mommy, Mom, Mama, Mommy, Mommmmm!"  So I banned everyone from the kitchen for ten minutes while I re-made my dough and swept my shattered nerves off the floor.)

Here's to a happy and stress-free afternoon!

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Holly said...

I especially like number 4!

Anonymous said...

Your breakfast looks yummy! Loved the list!

Natalie said...

So funny! I can especially relate to 3, 4, 6, and 8.

Jana said...

We actually did your number 8! In fact, just settled back into a house this past September after 2 1/2 years on the road in our RV. It was Awesome! ( Geez, I'm using this word a lot lately...) Anyway, it was awesome and we have some great memories but on to bigger and better things!

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