Friday, January 17, 2014

My Friend Mary, Trader Joe's, and a WINNER

I went to my friend Mary's house today, which is always the most delightful thing ever.  She is one of my mega-dose encouragers, a fellow-adoptive mama, our pastor's wife...and we share so much in common, it's ridiculous.  And she feeds me.  I mean, with FOOD, like, really goooood food.  She is the most creative cook I know. And I am determined to do an entire blog post on her one of these days, featuring her off-the-cuff recipes that are completely delicious and entirely healthy.

So anyway, after I did a couple haircuts at her house, we spontaneously left the kids with her hubby and hopped in my big ol' Suburban and went to Trader Joe's.  Which, just so happened to be my very FIRST time there ever. 

And wowie, what a treat that was!  I am totally going back there...I just wish it wasn't so darn far away from my compound.  I hate to leave my compound, you know!

Well, anyway, it was sure fun and I am stupid with organic foods now!  And feeling way good about that, for sure.

OH, I almost forgot!  I chose a winner for my giveaway!  Even though I picked a name out of a literal hat...

it was seriously like Sophie's Choice picking just ONE.  Gosh, you all truly deserve to win!

But, I chose ONE.  Go fine out if it's YOU!   

I hope you all have a mega-great weekend!  Go to church, seek the LORD, and fellowship with the people.

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