Saturday, December 7, 2013

My Friday and Saturday

So, as part of Lucy and Isaiah's blasted December birthdays,
I decided to treat them to a very special day!
Including, Bass Pro Shop (which they think is pretty much a tropical cruise vacation)
and a movie.  
Their first time EVER to a movie at the theater, in fact!

We saw the movie, Frozen, which left me feeling FROZEN the entire evening.
It was an *okay* movie.
But the kids LOVED IT!!!!
However, as for this mom, who has self-diagnosed adult-onset ADHD
I nearly crawled out of my grimy movie seat with boredom.

But, anyway.

Here are a few pics of part of our adventure!

My mom joined us for the Bass Pro part.
But...she's where I get my ADHD from.
So she opted out of the soul-grating movie.
(She loves a good flick, but could totally foresee the problems sitting still for this one.)
(She's very advanced that way.)

This hugging pose baffles me.
They're anything but lovey-dovey.

Sorry this is sideways.
I have not the energy, nor the smarts, to turn it around.
Nor do I care.
All I know is, Lucy refused to pose with the stuffed Grizzly.
But Isaiah got all kinds of accolades for being so brave.
God bless him.
Such valor will take him far in life, I'm pretty sure.

Skip forward to Saturday morning!

K-Man's employer had a fabulous Santa-and-pancakes-and-what-not breakfast,
 to celebrate Christmas.
Or something like that!

Isaiah was all-in on every part of it.

Lucy was on stand-by, if you will.

And there was face-painting.
And Lucy NEVER misses out on a good face painting.
No, not ever.

It's a snow-flake, if you can't tell.
(We clearly didn't get in the line of the seasoned face-painter.)
(Now we know.)
Still, it was fun.

And then,

AKA, Asian Santa.


And just like that, Friday and Saturday are done.


I hope you had an adventurous F & S also!


Karin said...

Snort! So funny to see the little man's painted Santa face! Thanks for the heads up on the movie--sounds dreadful. Glad you survived. :)

Holly said...

My 12-year-old son hated that movie, too. Dad's been charmed into taking two of the others. I hate animation and actually think I get a treat by babysitting the others at home. :D

Sheri Watson said...

We just went to see despicable me2 at the $1 movie. At least you're seeing 1sr run movies! Our high dollar theater now has recliners! I would love to try it out but can't really justify a $15 nap!

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