Monday, December 9, 2013


Do you ever feel completely scattered?
I mean, completely ALL OVER THE PLACE?

Like, you start to fold the laundry,
then get distracted by your bed that needs to be made.
Then you remember you really should set something out for dinner.
But before that, you decide to feed the chickens...
only to be distracted by going to get the mail.
Then you have to pee.
Then you see the overflowing laundry basket in your bathroom.
Oh, yeah....I was folding laundry about two hours ago!
Let me get right back to that.
Right after I do this, that, and yet ANOTHER thing.

I'm sure you're not like me.
I bet ya'll are so organized and scheduled.
I long to be like you!

What was I talking about?

Here's a few scattered photos from the last couple days.

Lucy gave a demonstration speech today in her public speaking class!
She did great!
Though, she's not nearly as chatty, nor as bossy, as she is at home.
I'm making note of that for future reference.

We put up our Christmas tree, finally!
And I couldn't believe it, K-Man did MOST of the work.
God bless him.
And absolutely zero teenagers helped this year.
I will make note of that for future reference.

And I found these random pics on my camera.
(Maybe I posted them already??)

Anyway, Isaiah is quite proud of his muscles.
As he should be!

Okay, no....that tongue action is just not right.
(NO, he has not seen certain "performers" on TV.)

Anyway, there's my scattered post for the day.
A good sampler of how scattered my life is!


Karin said...

You have described my life UGH. It's so annoying! I try to blame it on adult onset ADD, but no one seems to be buying it. ha.

Chandra Regan said...

Hilarious! Especially the tongue move!

Joanne Reddell said...

That's hilarious!! I can TOTALLY relate to the scatteredness thing(is that a word??). I think my scatteredness worsens as I (dare I say it?) as I get older. BLECH!!

I've been trying to put up our Christmas tree for several of tonight, it's finally in the living room.....still in the box! Love you, girlie!!

connie said...

Oddly, I could relate to every sentence of your post...but I busted when I saw Little Man in action!!!! I was quite dismayed that each of my big kids had something else to do when it came time to decorate; hence, our ornaments all hang 4 feet and below.

Chris said...

scattered-ness? That would by why butter burns in the pan,the last pan of cookies burns,and why my kids get away with leaving messes that I know I told them to clean up.
At least I'm not the only one.

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