Saturday, October 19, 2013

Cider, Cats, and a New Job

Here's what I did on Friday
(pay close attention to the end):

The little kiddos and I got up early and headed out for a field trip!

First we went to the cider mill.

Here are Lu & Saiah watching the "old lady", as Isaiah called her, making cider donuts
at the apple cider mill.

Not picture, for obvious reasons, the old lady.
Though let me assure you, she only had about twenty years on me.
I in no way consider that old.  I'm sure you'll agree.
Isaiah got his mouth washed out with soap once we got home, don't you worry.

Cider donuts.
Sooooooo yummy!

And THIS was the biggest deal of it all, to ME.
A big giant pile of apples being washed and prepped to be made into cider.
The delicious smell in the air was intoxicating!!
But what did my little kids think of this?
Yeah, so what?  Apples.  Lots of apples.  Who cares.

Moving on.

Then...... just ten minutes down the road from this locally famous cider mill,
a cat conservatory!

Lucy and Isaiah have been reeling with excitement over this for a week.
SO happy and stoked for this day to finally come!

Lions and tigers and....well, no bears.
Just cats.
(Well, and two wolves.)

And this pretty much sums up what the kids REALLY thought of it all, in the end:
(Please do notice the lion and lioness in the background!)

Yes.  As we were finally leaving, Lucy told me she was disappointed because
she didn't get to play with any kitty cats, which was what she was
really looking forward to.
(I need not tell you how many kittens we have birthed right here
on the homestead for the kids to witness.)


Needless to say, I will take great care to fully explain
future field trips so that expectations are realistic.



To top the whole entire day off, I started a new job.

Yes, I am now employed, part-time, as needed. 

I wish I could explain to you fully what I'm doing, 
I'll just tell you this.
I am a working as a server at a very unique eating establishment.
(NO, it's not Hooter's.  Not that I would even qualify!)

Anyway, all I can tell you is, I have never worked so dang hard in all my life.
Good heavens.
From mid-afternoon until pretty near midnight,

It was fun, exhausting, and CRAZY.
I literally laughed out loud at myself as I was balancing trays of food and beverages,
wondering how in the world I got myself into this mess!

Oh, goodness.

All my customers were so darn sweet.
And one little old couple even told me I should be a stand-up comedian.
I thanked them for noticing that.

Anyway, we'll see if this OLD LADY can keep up.
(It is questionable at this point.)
Because I KNOW I'll have a gob of good stories for you if I can!

Have a super great weekend!!!


Chris said...

I loved my part time job at Friday Market. had to give it up for now, but it is so nice to get out and not hear "mom"...there I said it.
And yeah I participated in planning some "wonderful" field trips...some kids are so hard to impress

quilt'n-mama said...

I want to take the kids to the Mill one of these days. We buy their cider from time to time for a fall treat! We will be up that way in Nov. so maybe I can plan a stop there. I am planning a couple of field trips while meetings are going on for daddy. We may stop through your neck of the woods we had some friends move there this summer so I'll let you know if we do.

Holly said...

Wow, Lori! I wish I lived nearby (I think I've told you that before a few times....) so that I could come see you do your stand up routine at your new job!!! Congratulations, and I hope you are having fun! :)

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