Monday, October 21, 2013

Fun Weekend! {Brenden came home}

Goodness, it has been such a fun and busy weekend.

Brenden came home for his fall break...and brought his girlfriend, Katie!

My kids positively adore her, particularly a certain little fella.

She is soooooo sweet with them!

I made Brenden one of his very favorites, homemade tortillas!
And Isaiah enjoyed them too.

Brenden's very first love (second to his mama).

And now he has made room in his heart for another special gal. 

Nick was feeling a little left out though...

She thinks we are one crazy family!

And really, we are.

Such happy times!!


Vicky said...

Love this!

Judy Deaton said...

So awesome when the older kids come home:) and love on their siblings.....and give you a break.....and you can have mostly adult conversations.......his girlfriend looks like a keeper:)

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