Saturday, June 8, 2013

my food truck

So I mentioned to you the other day that I want to own a bakery,
if it weren't for the getting-up-early-every-single-day-and-baking thing.

But then I had the bright idea,
"Hey, I could have a food truck!"

A BAKERY truck.

That way, I can just get up and drive/bake/sell on the days I feel like it.

Yeahhhhh, baby!

 THAT would be so cool and so very trendy.
And actually, my friend Patty and I have a little bakery business idea on the back-burner...
and maybe a TRUCK is just what we need!

We can travel the country, evading the law, just as we have always dreamed.

So, if you see a couple of crazy ladies driving through your cul-de-sac
trying to peddle croissants out of an old ice cream truck,
that will just be Patty and me.

Oh, and we'll for sure have coffee too.
We're full-service, man.

Be watching for us!


carrie said...

Make sure you stop in Pennsylvania!

Patty said...

Hey we can travel the country! It's perfect!

Katy said...

There is a big pink truck that drives around my area selling cupcakes. She is super popular around here. That's a great idea!

Judy Deaton said...

ummm one little problem...minor I'm sure....and maybe it could be solved with a pull behind trailer.......but you have a small Asian invasion that might need dealt with? Or has K man agreed to child care duties on the baking days? That early every morning and baking would kill MY joy.......the road trip sans kids..I could do. Keep us posted on the outcome:)

Chris said...

Well it sounds as if PA is one destination...we actually are at the end of a cul de we're all ready

Anonymous said...

Go For It!

Tesseraemum said...

Love it!! I've been trying to talk Mark into doing just that!! Seriously! He has lots of specialties that would be a big hit on the road!! Move to Ohio!

Vicky said...

If only I lived in the neighborhood. My children would know what real home-made food tasted like!

That will be one coffee with cream please to go with our dozen of cinnamon buns!

Jen said...

Love it! Please stop by my house :)

Sally-Girl! said...

Great idea go for it!!! You can do a side dish of comedy while you are serving!!!

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