Tuesday, June 18, 2013

full circle [leonard the rooster]

My hen house:



I'm very good at identifying the seasons!

And I'll tell you something else.
Between finding two snakes lurking in my chicken house,
and a crazy Polish attack-rooster named Leonard, I'm getting very close 
to needing anxiety medication to gather eggs these days.

That's Leonard, pictured above.
His time on this earth is drawing to a close end, I'm here to announce.

Another thing on the homestead about to meet its demise
is this lemon cake I made today.

First, I clearly didn't practice the fine art of spraying a bundt pan adequately.
And the entire top section stuck,
leaving a particular little Chinese boy wide-eyed and eager to dig into a pan-scraping appetizer
before his fish sticks at lunchtime.  

And to boot, I got a little wild and crazy with the whole grains again
and not only was my cake aesthetically-challenged, it was about as light and tasty
as a cinder block.

So, my chickens will be enjoying this hearty treat.
Perhaps this is just what Leonard needs.

See how I came full-circle with all this?

I think we all can agree that I'm long overdue for a good night's sleep.


Wendy said...

Same thing happened to me with this cake. Then, a friend told me to use shortening and them dust it with sugar. Comes out very slick.....don't ever use pam spray...I did once on a bundt cake and it exploded in my oven. Not a good combination unless you are doing a science experience...of course then use the neighbor's oven.

Karin said...

I would be freaking out about a snake!! And TWO?!?!?! UGH! How do you get rid of snakes? Cats? I hate snakes.

Jean said...

Good job! You tied in the bunt cake to Leonard!

Hope this gives him a little more time!

Tesseraemum said...

Very eloquent. (Did I spell that correctly?) Your probably going to need to fix another cake for Leonard. You have quite a few people to feed!! Sheri

Vicky said...

If Leonard helps kill the snakes ....keep him! If not, off with his head!

Now the cake....it's nice to see that not everything you cook is PERFECT! My family would say ...at least you cooked and would be grateful for the missing top cement cake!

Chris said...

M family thinks tat Bundt cakes are supposed to look that way. If your youngest ate the stuck on part, serve the rest of it for dinner...but then Leonard is a bit skinny-lookin for the cook pot...maybe he`does need cake.

Anonymous said...

Kill Leonard with the cake. Throw it at him!

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