Thursday, June 20, 2013

the last 24 hours {mammogram-party}

Please, sit back and let me tell you about my last 24 hours.

1.  I inadvertently cancelled our satellite TV service.
(Long story, don't ask.)
Needless to say, I ended up mixing it up with the help there at the satellite TV provider place.
Needless to say, I am dead to them now.

2.  I played checkers with my littlest guy.

He absolutely LOVED it.

And so did I.

3.  Brenden continues with his crazy Paleo diet.
And don't you worry...he is doing this on his own.
He cooks for himself.
And cleans up afterwards.
Lucky for him, because that's just the sort of thing that would finally push me
over the edge that I am dangling from.

4.  I went to the gyno today.
And I also scheduled a mammogram.
Really, how do I keep up with at this glamorous pace?
I don't know, I'm gifted I guess.

5.  The satellite TV guy came this morning to install our new TV system,
being that I cancelled our other one (and got nowhere with trying to get it restored),
(See #1).
We now have entertainment again, which is good because the circus
acts in this freak-house were getting really old and boring.

6.  I lost a chicken.  Actually, it's one of Nick's girlfriend Sarah's chickens
that I got suckered into taking care of.
Anyway, it's gone.  Just gone.
And she doesn't know yet.  Tears will flow when she finds out.
I feel awful.
But, I'll be over it by morning.

7.  I may or may not have discussed Botox with my doctor today,
but only because she was wearing a sparkly Botox t-shirt.
Not because I need it or anything.
Except that I do.

8.  I bought a new plate.
As in, the singular.
One green plate for the sole purpose of using it to take
pictures of my tasty treats that I photograph for you.
(I use the word photograph loosely.)
Yes, that's what I am going to do.
I got so tired of my WHITE plates.  Blah.  So boring.
If I can't have Botox, I might as well have one green plate, ya know?
But for the record, Botox is still on the table.

And that's all that happened to me today.
With a few dozen things in between the eight things above.

Now go schedule yourself a mammogram!
It will be one big mam-party for us all.

I'll shut up now.


Karin said...

I already had my mammo. And then got called back. I didn't panic until they only re-x-rayed one side. I was practically crying by the time they called me into ultrasound. Ultrasound very quickly was able to tell me that I was fine but ugh....not looking forward to that again.

ourchinagirls said...

Yes!! Get your mammogram! I had mine in March and I was called a week later that they had found a density on the mammogram. I went in for an ultrasound of that area and they were all set up for a biopsy. A week later I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer. April 19th I had a lumpectomy and I started chemo on May 13th. I did not feel the lump, the ARNP did not feel the lump and the surgeon did not feel the lump. The mammogram saved my life! I will do chemo for 16 doses and then have radiation. I have way too much to live for and fortunately my prognosis is excellent. Now if I could just get China to let us adopt again!!

Judy Deaton said...

Cutest little checker player...and your face says it all. Exactly how I feel playing games with the kids....just shoot me now. I better get a few stars in my crown:) Well have a lovely time at the mammogram! Get a group.....make a party of lunch go shopping.......etc. Just not too much botox please! No expressionless fish faces where only the lips move.

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