Wednesday, June 5, 2013

double check {crawling out of 1982}

I'm not sure if I told you this or not,
but, I got a Kindle Fire for Mother's Day.
I said, I got a Kindle Fire for Mother's Day!

Which, for many of you that may seem very boring and oh-so yesterday.
But for little ol' me, it's as if I've finally crawled out of 1982 and tapped into 
current technology and I am not ever looking back.
Never looking back!

Look, I don't even own a smart phone.
This is huge for me.

Up until a few weeks ago I was only checking emails, Facebook, and other internet goings-on
on my ancient lap-top, in the convenience of my home.
Phhhht, at home.  How adorable is that?

But now,'s all different now.

I can read books in bed at night under the covers without a flashlight.  Check.
I can get all kinds of apps.  Oh, the apps!  Check.
I can get online and just browse around, willy-nilly, away from home.  Check.


I can stick that bad-boy in my purse and have my electronic grocery list at my fingertips.
No kidding.


I was THE classiest gal at Walmart this afternoon.
Double check. 

What I'm trying to tell you is,
this Kindle thing has changed my life and I feel like such a big and hip girl, finally.

Yay for me!


Madeleine said...

Oh man. You are definitely more modern than me.

I have a nook. The simplest one on the market.

No smart phone. I have a regular dumb phone that makes calls and texts. And I hate texting.

And I think I know what apps are, but have yet to figure out...WhY tHe CrAzE??!!??

But now you are my super cool modern friend.

Can I be cool by association??!!??! :D

Chris said...

I guess I'm w/ Madeline...I will now be able to tell people that I KNOW someone that owns a Kindle Fire. I'm still reveling in wi-fi in our house! I can sit on the sofa and be connected to the internet! but I really want one of those gadgets where you swipe your finger across the screen. Maybe in 2025 I'll get one for my birthday

Angie H. said...

Yay.... I love mine....
What app do you use for your grocery list??
I have been searching for one...
Angie :)

Patty said...

Ok, I *almost* bought one of these for my bday....I was Sadly, I decided I really needed to replace the computer that blew up in the power outage since my kids needed to do schoolwork! Ack! I want more details on this---I'm so out of touch electronically, can I really figure out how to use it?!

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