Tuesday, June 4, 2013

bake something!!

Today is Tuesday.
And Tuesdays are my baking days.
Like, hard-core baking.

I bake around 100 items each week for our church coffee bar.
It's really fun when it's not totally stressful.

So here's what I baked this morning:

*Banana Bread (three loaves)
*Baked Donuts, (Cinnamon-Swirl and Chocolate Chip)
*Chocolate Chip Scones

and....my newest creation,

*Almond-Chocolate-Espresso Coffeecake

Oh my.  It's super yummy!!

I think it's going to be a hit.

So anyway, if you're ever in my neighborhood on Tuesdays,
swing by and we'll grab something delicious and fresh out of the oven,
and a mug of coffee.
(Actually, don't drop in on my, please.  I am pretty spent by the end of all this.)

I really think there's a baker in all of us, you just gotta reach down deep,
practice A LOT, and balance the art of following a recipe closely,
and taking a chance by changing it up, to make it your very own.

If you need some inspiration AND a semi-tutorial in baking,
I highly HIGHLY recommend this cookbook:

Back in the Day Bakery Cookbook

I wish I was getting some sort of commission off of this recommendation, but I'm not. (Whatever.)
But truly, it's a GREAT resource and has amazing recipes and pictures.
This gal has been on Paula Dean's show several times and owns
a highly successful bakery in Georgia.
I want to be her when I grow up.
(However, I'm certain she's much younger than me.)
(So, maybe I'll be her if I ever get younger.)

I would soooooo love to own my own bakery someday.
But, it would only be open one day a week because I couldn't possibly
get up early every morning to do all this every single day.

And that's why I'm still a little stay-at-home-baker mom in the woods.

Enjoy your day.
And, BAKE SOMETHING, for goodness sake!


Jenn said...

I love baking!! But it's like 100 degrees today here in Northern CA, so I am not turning on my oven. Too bad too cause I have ripe bananas screaming to be banana bread! I do however wish I was going to be at your church Sunday!! Those Almond Chocolate coffeecakes look so yummy!!

Chris said...

We baked tonite! Vanilla cake courtesy of Betty Crocker, and peach finger jello! We are totally on vacation!

Choate Family said...

That cookbook is one of our favorites!

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