Thursday, June 6, 2013

chicken tortilla soup

So last night's dinner consisted of fajita chicken quesadillas (sp?)
(oh my gosh, even my spell-checker has no idea what I'm trying to spell there.)

It was SUPER delicious!

Here's a pic of it today, as leftovers.

And yes, that cilantro floating on top is from my little herb garden.
And by little herb garden, I mean a flower pot of herbs.
Pot O' Herbs.

Some people think cilantro tastes like laundry soap.
I think they're out of their minds.
Cilantro rules!
What are your thoughts on cilantro?
Don't answer if you don't like it.

Anyway, what I'm trying to get at is, you should make this soup!
It's super delicious and goes with any of your Mexican entrees.
And put cilantro on top!

I wish I had taken a picture of my Q's because they were delicious, too.

Another day soon, I promise!


Jen said...

I love, LOve, LOVE cilantro!!!!! I use it ALL the time! I especially love it in/on chicken salad made with avocado, greek yogurt, lime juice, green onion!!

Chris said...

Cilantro is good, but I made the mistake of using too much in jiaozi and got reprimanded :^(
I want lemon grass too, but am having trouble finding it gotta check out the soup, we love mexican food around here

Wendy said...

I love cilantro!!!! The soup looks amazing. You have no idea how many of my favorite recipes came from your blog. I am a recipe stalker. LOL! No not really..just not a creative cook.

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