Thursday, April 11, 2013

so very fun!!

This is just so fun.
THE coolest and most exciting thing!

You know Nick's girlfriend, Sarah?

Well, she bought her prom dress at Dillard's department store,
and they told her that they had a contest going
where girls post pictures of themselves with their prom dress on onto their website.
(Actually, I think it was sponsored by Seventeen Magazine.)
Anyway, then people go on and vote for their favorite dress.

SO, Sarah was all over that and got busy encouraging people to vote for her.

And guess what!


And guess what!

The BIG prize was,

a $5,000 gift card to Dillard's!!!!

Is that not the funnest thing ever?!!

And she's already been shopping with it.
Here's part of her loot:

Don't you just love it?
She bought mostly household things for her future home.
Oh my word, I love me some practical things for the kitchen!

And she still has a lot yet to spend.

That's just fun!

She also won a limo ride to prom and the full works getting her hair done.
(I'm talking, color, cut, hair extensions, and updo!)

So very fun.

And prom is THIS Saturday.

So very fun, fun, fun!!

So pics of the winner's expression!
She was at her house when she was notified, not mine.


Nancy said...

So how about some pictures of the winning look?

Anonymous said...

Where s the winning pic?

Holly said...

Yeah, what! No picture?

P.S. That island thing is still one of the funniest things I've read. To my husband you are "the island lady." How's that for an exotic title?

Janet said...

That's fantastic! And so smart to be buying big ticket items for her future!

Joanne Reddell said...

WOW! I love this!! What an awesome thing! I can't wait to see dozens and dozens and dozens of prom pictures this weekend.....hint, hint, my friend.

Congratulations to Sarah! I hope they have the best time ever at the prom.

connie said...

well, could we at least see a pic of Sarah in that dress?!? so very cool!!!

Anonymous said...

So cool!!!! What a fun blessing!!! Hope they have a BALL!

Annie said...

Awesome! Where is the pic of this darling in a dress? I'd love to see it!

Holly said...

WOW!!!! Awesome!!!

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