Friday, April 12, 2013

prom central

It is PROM CENTRAL around here this weekend, ya'll.

Nick and Sarah (and friends) opted to have US fix them dinner
instead of spending ridiculous amounts of dollars going out.
How smart are they, really!?
And I can tell you this, right now.
I never ever would have gone for that when I was a snotty teenager.
So, I'm glad to see that they are learning just how cool parents can be, early on.
AND that this Mama can cook, and that K-Man can grill up some mighty mean steaks!

Here's the menu:

Shrimp Cocktail


Mashed garlic potatoes
Grilled KC Strips
Garlic toast

Doesn't that sound marvelous?

It should be fun!!

MANY pictures to follow!!

*Dessert is being made by another mom. 


Rachel said...

Havin my nails did, hair coiffed, & dress steam ironed even as I read...I think I'l fit in just fine.

Holly said...

Garlic potatoes and toast...why not throw in some onions, too?

Holly said...

Very, very smart kids! Maybe I'LL decide to go the prom and show up at your house first...

Karin said...

LOTS of garlic is a good idea to ward off any possibility of kissing. :)

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