Friday, April 12, 2013

lowering cholesterol {naturally!}

Think what you want.
But there's really no denying the overwhelming evidence that essential oils
make a huge difference in the health of all of us.

Google it!

My sweet hubby has some cholesterol issues.
And blood pressure issues.
(He has for years!)

And we REFUSE to give in to pharm meds, without a fight.

After MUCH research, I've narrowed it down to a couple of oils.
(For now!)

Ylang Ylang and Cinnamon Bark oils.

And since he hates the smells of most of my oils,
I'm putting them in capsules for him to swallow.
(You CANNOT ingest ALL so called, "essential oils" that you buy just anywhere.)
(Young Living oils are SAFE to ingest.)
(Do your research!)

 So here I am, in my "lab" mixing up my dear husband's oil concoction!

Seriously, I know they seem expensive, but MOST of what's in here is
olive oil!  And just a couple drops of the other essential oils!
It does NOT take much to pack a big punch.
I expect these bottles of oils to last me a GOOD LONG TIME!

So really, you might want to think about alternative medicine.
Break-free from the PHARM chains, ya'll!!

That's all I'm going to say about that.

Just do it.

Click HERE for more info.

(Oh DEAR, lesson NOT make up capsules in advance!
They dissolve QUICKLY!)


ourchinagirls said...

I can see why your hubby doesn't like the "spells" of your oils. Sounds like a mad scientist at work!! I think I would sit back and make sure everyone is still standing after a few months too! Hee Hee!

Karin said...

Please let me know if this works for your hubby. My cholesterol was too high the last time I got it checked and I don't want to go on meds either. I've tried changing my diet and just started trying Red Yeast Rice capsules.

Tesseraemum said...

So what are your other options if the capsules don't last long? I have enough trouble remembering to give my kids their gummy vitamins! Concocting special formulas everyday will not be happening!! Sheri

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