Wednesday, April 10, 2013

alone in my car {with my thoughts}

As I was pulling into the tire store today to get my tires rotated,
I glanced down at my green tea.
I had the amusing thought that it looked like whisky, or something of the like.

But then I was stricken with the alarming idea,
"Oh, dear..the tire-rotator guy is going to be in my car...and he'll see my
hootch green tea in my church coffee mug, right next to my Bible
and think that I'm some of kind crazed drinkin' Jesus-freak housewife."

I decided that if he really thought it was an open substance,
he could take a sniff.

I'm really not sure how things turned out, to be honest.
He didn't mention it.

And these are the kinds of things I think about when I'm all alone in my car.


Janet said...

If I had that thought, I'd just dump it out. Cause surely!, you won't drink any more of it after it has been exposed to the garage and work men=0

Katy said...

My Hubby is a mechanic and you wouldn't believe the things he finds in cars. It is gross. Dirty underwear, dead animals, moldy food, and one time he even found a LOT of cash and the owner supposedly didn't even know it was there. I'm sure the tire guy was relieved to finally just see "tea" haha!

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