Thursday, February 21, 2013

lori has no shame

I will just go ahead and tag these pictures as,

#Isaiah begged for a carrot (and got it!)
#Lori grilled on a dang-cold day (fail!)
#Lori baked bread (SUCCESS!)
#K-Man cleared the snow like nobody's business with Rhoda Kubota

(I can't let this pic slip by without further comment.  Seriously, I have no shame.)


Susan A said...

Your bread looks awesome :) I love that you are living the farm life with hens, baking bread and the like! :D

Anonymous said...

Your bread always looks so delicious! I love your blog. It always makes me feel good!

Mother's Heart said...

Yummmy. Now I feel like I need to go make some bread. Nah, I feel like I need to go buy some homemade bread :)

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