Saturday, February 23, 2013

happy birthday, nick! {and more!}

Well, now.
Nick turned 18 yesterday!!
Which means that we have successfully raised TWO decent human beings to adulthood.

Only four more to go, then K-Man and I will be moving to an undisclosed island in the Pacific.
Just kidding!
(Maybe it will be on the Atlantic side, who knows.)

So here's Nick at his big birthday bash last night.
And by big, I mean that his girlfriend and my in-laws came over.
Nick is not one for fanfare.
Or rolling skating, which is what Brenden did on his 18th.

This here is one fine young man, I tell ya.

And my friend Cathy made him a mustache cake!
Isn't it GREAT?!!

And the littlest mister in the house enjoyed it all, too.

(He is SUCH a flirt with Nick's girlfriend!)

And because I love a good photo-bomb:
 Note to self:  break out the eyeliner and mascara more often, would ya?

And completely and totally unrelated to all that,
I just had to post a few more pics of
our little winter wonderland!
It was sooooooooo beautiful!!!

Such a blessed life.

Thank you, Jesus!!!!


Vicky said...

Happy Birthday to Nick! Your winter wonderland photos are beautiful!

Jean said...

Happy Birthday to your big boy Nick!! I just love the big boys!! God Bless 'em!

Pics are beautiful- I want to move to KC- where it's pretty BUT it melts! Any neighbors selling their plots of land! What a nightmare to have us move next door!

What's for dinner, Lori?

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