Monday, February 25, 2013

a candid conversation with my dear husband

So last night as I was putting away a huge pile of laundry,
and K-Man was lying on the bed watching me,
he said,
"Honey, do you know why I don't do many of the household chores?"

Me, with eye-brows highly raised, said,
"Ummm, no...why?"
(Although really, he does help me.)

He said, with blazen boldness to the woman who makes his meals,
and sleeps next to him, 
"Because if I helped you more, you wouldn't have anything to do."

If ever there were daggers shooting from one's eyes, it was now.

"Oh, really?  How very thoughtful of you, dear."
I said with uncanny calmness.

To which he responded,
"Seriously...if you had nothing to wouldn't even know what to do
with yourself."

Sure thing.

"There is ALWAYS something that needs to be done around here, DEAR."
"And if there is ever anything not to do, I will MAKE something to do."

"I know, honey, that's what I'm saying.  You don't know how to sit and relax."
He bravely proclaimed.

To which I said,
"Honey, do you think anyone will believe the suicide note that is found
next to your chopped up body in the freezer??"

TOTALLY kidding about that last line.
I didn't even say that.
But it's funny, right?
I love my dear man.  And he's exactly right, I can't sit still and relax for the life of me!


Holly said...

Oh my, oh my! That is a brave man right there. And yes, that last line is awesome! (And I know your hubby is great. They all say dumb things from time to time. Don't we all?)

Sharon said...


Jean said...

Okay- that is so funny!!
And even Sarah thought it was FUNNY!!

And she has even corrected my misspelled words which I KNOW makes you very happy!

Did he get a night on the couch?

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