Tuesday, February 26, 2013

preparedness {it's important!}

We survived yet another giant snowstorm.
But not without 6+ hours of lost electricity.
Which was really no big deal...because here in the G-Home, we are prepared.

When the storm was looming, and was all-the-rage with the weather-people on the news,
our local grocery stores AND Walmart were stripped bare.

Take a look:

It was like this down EVERY aisle.

Guys, this is how VERY volatile our food supply is.

In my estimation, it is WAY WISE to be prepared.

Early this morning when our electricity started flickering, I immediately
filled my sink with hot soapy water so I could wash dishes later.
AND I filled a thermos with boiling water for tea & such.
(Not necessary, but oh-so-LOVELY).

Then when the power finally gave out completely,
we went into survival-mode.
We simply had no idea how long it would be out.
(Thankfully, not long at all!)
Which meant, K-Man hooked up the generators, I stoked the fire in the fireplace,
planned meals, and just enjoyed it all.
We enjoyed it, because we were fully prepared for such an emergency.

Look, I can't stress enough how much I DO KNOW that 
God WILL provide for our needs.  
But I also know that God has given us common sense.
And He is not very keen on laziness.
And though I would never EVER go into debt to stock my shelves,
I do buy a little bit extra at almost each shopping trip to put aside some extra food/supplies.

It's not a year's worth of food, by any means.
But it would certainly get us through a week+ or more, easily.
Plus our freezers are full.

AND...we could share with our neighbors.

I hope to do some posts soon with some very real and practical ways
we all can prepare.

In the meantime, I'd love to know how YOU are preparing for emergencies?


Anonymous said...

In our basement, we have a Rubbermaid that has supplies if we have a tornado. I added shoes and a change of clothes after a few close calls last summer. I always said if we had to run to the basement in the night, I would grab my shoes (in case we had damage, I didn't want to walk around barefoot). I am certain it would be the last thing I thought of if I was hurrying out of the line of a tornado, so I stuck an old pair in there so my old, feeble mind won't have to remember. We always have extra soups and canned goods that can be warmed up in a pot over the fire. Extra water and canned fruit and we are good for a few days.

Jean said...

All this because of a snow storm?


Oh my goodness!

Just get a four wheel truck and drive to the grocery store... well... a well stocked grocery store, I mean!!

Stop the panic people! Be creative with what you have at home!!

And this is coming from a mother of 18, 000 children- kind of!

We would just do drive thru at McD's IF we had too!

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