Thursday, February 21, 2013

blizzard of 2013 [my summary]

Let me just say right upfront to my east coast friends,
I realize this is a piddly storm compared to what ya'll have dealt with this year!

Having said that,
Oh my GOLLY, did we ever get a ton of snow in a super short amount of time!

We started our blizzardy day with homeschool.
Because that's how I roll.

And my little students were pretty much okay with that,
what with the promise of playing in the snow later and all.


Finally it was time!!

(Don't you love how you can see the straight edge from the garage door?)
(And how I stayed in the garage to take the pics?)

They had so much fun!!

K-Man had to go to work.
So Nick was left to do the manly work of snow-blowing.
Even though he is sick.
That's how the manly men in my house roll.

Then I finally worked up the courage to do my womanly work
and take care of my chickens.

Look at my little hen-house!
It's so darling in the snow, isn't it?

One brave little henny-hen came out to check out the conditions.
Here's what she said to me:
"Well, hello!  Are you here to take us into the people house?  Pretty please, yes, maybe?"

Turns out they were pleased as punch with me just giving them some lunch.

And that's my summary of the midwest blizzard of 2013.


Shonni said...

I love your little chicken picture. So cute.

Susan A said...

I love the hen peeking around the corner! and your captions :)

here we got snow too, first time I've seen that much!

Katy said...

You might want to change your blog post title to the right year.... just saying :)

Vicky said...

Loved the photos and the snow! I'm especially thankful that I don't have to deal with it!

Joanne Reddell said...

Great photos!

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