Saturday, February 2, 2013

fun evening!

We went to a super fun fundraiser at church last night!
A sweet little mom and her daughters are getting ready to go full-time
onto the mission field...and we were delighted to help
them raise some money for their God-size adventure!

The highlight of the night for my little kiddos was most definitely the face-painting.
The gal who did it is AMAZINGLY talented!
(Seriously, she did the faces of about 100 children and they all turned out so adorable.  If you are
local and are needing someone for a fun kid-party..let me know & I'll hook you up!)
Look how darling Lucy and her adorable friend Allie are!

And Isaiah...with his dragon-face!
Super cool.

But the highlight of MY evening was when K-Man was dragged onto the
stage during the T. Texas Terry Wild West show.
Oh my.
I nearly had fell out of my chair laughing.
But he was SUCH a good sport.
So much so that someone afterwards asked him if it was all pre-planned.
(There he is on the left in the cow-skirt and hat.)

He's just a natural show-guy, I tell ya.

We are standing by the phone waiting for Hollywood to call.

Such a fun-filled evening!!


Karin said...

Ring, the home of K-Man the cow guy? 'Cuz we have a gig for you.
Nice to see your man has a great sense of humor!

Julie said...

LOL Your family seems like so much fun!! I wanted to share a link with you that I came across in searching for homeschool materials. They have a ton of cool stuff.

Sally-Girl! said...

Looks like a ton of fun!! Kman is THEE man!!

Email me details of the fundraiser, we are in need of something big!

Jean said...

How fun!! And what a sport your guy is!!

Love the pics- he's a hoot!

Patty said...

Super awesome! Way to go K-Man!

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