Thursday, January 31, 2013

homeschoolers extraordinaire!

Remember back to our first day of homeschool this year?

From that very day forward, my goal was simply, to make PROGRESS
with my little dude.
And I gotta tell ya, progress we have made!!!
He is actually starting to READ now.

I am successfully teaching yet another human being to READ!!

Progress, indeed!

And not only that,
here's a pictorial of our day today.

Just an average day here at our homestead homeschool.

So sad that my little homeschoolers are so sheltered and boxed into
a classroom without any real-life experience.

Homeschoolers extraordinaire!


Jennifer W. said...

You go momma! :)

Karin said...

I am truly impressed with his hula skills. Makes me want to break mine out... We do need some gym classes around here. You wouldn't want to see pics of our homeschool day today. It involved tears. Lots of them. ugh.

Robin said...

So you're just in it for the free child labor, huh? ;)

Seriously, adorable pics, and what a rush it must be to see your little guy reading and know that YOU did that (well, you and him of course).

Tesseraemum said...

Whoa! Reading and Hoola-ing AND my favorite, whipped cream spraying!
You rock!!

Karin, It'll get better! I'll be praying for you! We all have those crying days. And, I don't mean the kids crying! I have days & sometimes weeks were I feel like I'm doing my kids a disservice but then the Lord shows me a little glimpse of whats actually soaking in and its good! Sheri

Anonymous said...

Lori, I enjoy your blog.I am curious why there are few pics and blog articles on your oldest chinese son. It seems when he is in a pic, he is on the edge of the group..hope I haven't hit a sensitive subject and I know its none of my business. I am an older lady who thinks all the kids should get talked about. mm,vancouver,wa.141

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