Tuesday, January 29, 2013

not your average taco!

Well, I sure did have high hopes of a detailed post about
one of my very favorite Mexican dishes,
Tacos al Pastor.


But...dinnertime was completely crazy last night and I didn't take
any pics, except for the final product.

I'll try to post details in the future, but for now...here ya go,
Tacos al Pastor:

Here's what they consists of:

Warm corn tortillas
Smoked seasoned pork loin, shredded
Guacamole sauce (basically a more liquid version of regular guacamole)
Cilantro (the more the better!)
Diced onions
Fresh lime wedge squeezed over it all!

And that's ALL.
No cheese, no lettuce.
This is no traditional American taco, amigos!

They may not look like much,
but I tell you what, they are SO fresh and tasty.


megadog said...

They look delish! Keep the recipes coming--I need the ideas for dinner!

Desiree' said...


jen said...

OK, that could possibly become one of my favorite foods! And I totally agree about the cilantro. And about dinner time being too crazy to take step-by-step pics. I'm thinking that people who do that must either A. not have any kids or B. have a helpful staff which basically means... not have any kids. I'll take meal time crazy any day. : )

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