Tuesday, December 4, 2012

happy birthday! [isaiah!]

Oh my gracious,
my LITTLE Chinese man turned a BIG six-years-old today.
He's such a booger!
And such a lover!
And such a STINKER!!!
I love him.

Here's the birthday bash pictorial:

Here he is on the phone with his Ninny,
terribly upset that she wouldn't be able to make it to his party.

But greatly relieved that she and Papa will come over with presents on Friday!

And here he is SUPER EXCITED to talk to Papa!

Let the festivities begin!

The onlookers.
(Okay, really...I have to admit, they weren't looking at Isaiah.)
(We are highly dysfunctional, that's all.)

Isaiah in his nervous excitement, held his SOCKS tightly in his hands.
I love this quirky child.

Hooray for birthdays!

Opening his card from Nana and Papa.
He was SO excited!!

Money flying EVERYWHERE!

Look closely,
Lucy "pierced" both Isaiah and K-Man's ears.
This is where the party turned really wild.
Next, it was tattoos.
You don't want to know what followed that.
Just kidding!

Well, that's the end of this party story.

I felt ever so slightly guilty that I didn't have a pinata, pony & school friends over.

Not really!

I'm so not into big birthday extravaganzas for kids.

Maybe next year we'll do it up a little bigger though.

ANYWAY, our little guy felt special all day, as we loved on him and had fun.
(And Mama took him to McD's for a happy meal, which I NEVER do because that disgusts me.)
(And Mama got herself a Big Mac and fries.)
(Which disgusts me.)
(Let's stop talking about that, okay?)
(I was just trying to be a whimsical mom,okay?)
(I'm so disgusted.) 

Happy Birthday to my little fella!!!


Tesseraemum said...

Happy Birthday Isaiah!!

Little Lady said...

Omw, he's such a cutie!! Love it!

quilt'n-mama said...

Happy Birthday Isaiah!
Looks like loads of fun for your celebration!

Serving the King said...

Daily laugh courtesy of Lori: Check! :)

Serving the King said...

Mission complete to convince Lori to take off the word verification on comments:

No Check.
Do you realize I am old and can't see and typing those tiny little weird letters and numbers are kah-illin me?
You didn't realize that?
Oh. Ok.
Dude. I am old and can't see and typing those tiny little letters and numbers are kah-illin me.
The end.
Back tomorrow for another laugh.

Chris said...

yay I don't like word verification either, but I still need to comment...so I just guess at those blurry little figures.

Oh Happy Birthday Isaiah

Karin said...

Happy Birthday to Isaiah!!! What a hoot watching him talk on the phone. :) I'm with you on McD's but I do the same thing on my kids' birthdays. So gross! This time I didn't eat. I just couldn't do it. But what is really funny is that every time we have gone to China, I cannot get enough McD's!! hahahaha I eat it every day that we are there. And I like it. At home? I hate it.

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday Isaiah!!! What a big boy you are!!! Hope your birthday was a lot of fun and the happy meal super yummy!

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