Wednesday, December 5, 2012

lori's christmas list

Oh, don't mind me.

I just thought I'd throw my Christmas list out there,
just in case someone wants to buy me a thing or two.

Let's see now,

This housekeeping cart would work marvelously for the mini-hotel I'm running
here on the plains.

And now we're really talking.
Food trays and an adjustable dish caddy.
Dare a girl dream so big?

An automatic floor scrubber.
Have you ever?
My world would be forever changed with this bad boy.
(That's my heart you hear fluttering.)

And lastly,
I can think of no greater joy to my life and lovely home than
a receptacle bin with Thank You written on it.
It MUST have Thank You written on it.
Because there will some days that I will wrap my arms around that sucker,
thankful for its gratitude towards me.
Perhaps you should have engraved on it,
That's better.
Yes, that should do just fine.

One last thing.
I really need this for blogging, thank you very much.

I think that should do it for now!

I'll be sure to post any new ideas I come up with.
I sure don't want you at a loss as to what to get for me.

(My shipping address will be provided, as needed.)

Thank YOU in advance.


Tesseraemum said...

Not that your other items aren't fabulous, but the stand up desk thing is on my list! Mostly for ADHD Olivia. (I wonder if we could have a ballet bar installed on it too? It would save alot of wear and tear on verious pieces of furniture.) We have friends who have a beautiful oak stand up desk that they had custom made! They love it! Sheri

Chris said...

What kind of catalog do you have? The food trays aren't that expensive! I need a stand up sewing machine table maybe they can modify that one!
You can bring your housekeeping caddy to my house and put it to use here too (cept I'm not sure if it would fit in the hallway here)

you go girl!

Karin said...

I just want a chef. Every day. That standing desk thingy is a close second though. :)

Wendy said...

Lori, love your ideas. Could use a few of those. The stand up desk would be great when I am stirring a pot on the to multitask. I hope all your dreams come true this Christmas...

Serving the King said...

So. Stinkin. Funny.

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