Monday, November 26, 2012

drama de jour

I really hate to draw attention to myself, as you know.

But, I have nothing else to blog about today,
so I tell you about a semi-tragic thing that happened to poor little ol' me yesterday.

Since my kids insisted that we put up our Christmas tree, MUCH to my chagrin
(sorry, I just loathe disrupting my way of life with lighted shrubbery in my living room),
I let them.

So we had to move my baker's rack to another wall.

Look how innocent it looks setting there.

Nick's girlfriend, picture below,
said, "Hey, we should probably take those books & stuff off the shelves
before we move this."

To which I said (being the older, wiser woman),
"Naaaah, it will be fine."

Not 30 seconds later,
it happened.

See this bookend right here?

Let's take a closer look:

This sucker is heavy.
And yes, you guessed fell off during our moving efforts,
and landed right on my sparsely covered tootsies.

I have never experienced such pain in all my life.
Even when I was in labor, at least there were meds at my beckon call.
But did my family offer me an epidural while
I flailed in pain?
No they did not.
They don't care enough to have an epidural on-hand.

Anyway, I cried.  I really did.  I cried.
My dear husband said, "Babe, I've never seen you cry before from an injury."

Well I've never had an ANVIL fall on me before.

So here's the damage:

Okay, okay.
It's not that bad.
Just very bruised & sore more than anything.

But what's most disturbing here is,
my horrific need of a pedicure.

That's the end of my semi-tragic story.

My deepest apologies for wasting those 45 seconds reading this
that you'll never get back.

And and just to get my money's worth of picture-posting,
here's one more for ya:

Nick and Sarah assembled the tree,
with half-hearted help from everyone else.
These two crack me up.
They are so funny together.

Good day, my friends!


Karin said...

Dear Mrs. Scrooge... That's what happens when you diss Christmas trees. :) However, I sympathize greatly. I had a similar injury to the top of my foot when a heavy cupboard shelf (that I SHOULD have moved) fell on me. Oh. My. Word. The pain...I still remember it. So if I could bring you a Starbucks to help speed the healing, I would. But since I can't, you will just have to dream about it and imagine me bringing it to you while you lie on the couch with your foot propped up. :)

Tesseraemum said...

Ahh young love! Always handy to have a couple of foolish love birds flitting around making memories!
With your kid's age span you should be well into old age before you'll have to decorate another tree! By then you'll be wheeling to their houses! Gosh, I really do need more kids! Sheri

Amy said...

Oh my goodness. I would have cried too.

Rebecca said...

Ha! I love you! I've broken my baby toe twice. It is terrible... But you have a way of making it seem so comical;) I'm not that creative. I just cry:)

Vicky said...

Bless your heart! Your poor foot looks so painful . . . no epidural, shame on your family! (hehe)! I'm thinking you should be on bed rest and not have to cook, clean or do laundry for at least a week!

Anonymous said...

Hah...I love the line about "lighted shrubbery in your living room"...I have been balking at putting the tree up because...well because I hate the mess associated with it. You know the storage room all out of wack, paper that wrapped the nicely put away ornaments strewn about the living room, the kids fighting over the bubble wrap on some of the ornaments, the kids fighting who will put up which ornaments, the kids getting bored and me having to finish up the project and clean up the mess :) So I'm using the line that there is an "extra week" before Christmas cause Thanksgiving was early--that's my story and I'm sticking with it. Sorry about your toe :)

The Kings said...

That does look incredibly painful, actually. :(

Holly said...

I have been a baaaad, baaaad bloggy friend as of late. BUT, I just returned and read this post, and it made me remember how much I love your blog! ; ) (And I totally know what you mean about the PAIN when something falls on your foot!)

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