Friday, November 2, 2012

a day in the life of a perimenopausal woman

Here's what I did today:
(you'll want to stay tuned in to the end.)

I mastered baguettes.
My word.
I had resolved long ago that I would never be able to
make these gems in my home oven.
But I found a recipe/technique that worked 
Most definitely worth the 20-or-so hours that it took to come to this delicious end.
Crusty and chewy.
Perfect with soup.
Thank you.
God is soooooo good.

Banana Nut Bread.
Need I say more?
(Packaging this up to sell at our church coffee bar.)

And another new recipe...
Cranberry-Oat-Walnut Bread.
A lovely yeast bread...sweetened with maple syrup,
and loaded UP with cranberries, freshly rolled oats and walnuts.
Slathered with butter, this IS a winner.

And lastly,
and completely unrelated to all the above...
(or perhaps, completely related to all the above)
I ordered some progesterone cream,
at the urgent suggestion of a fellow-perimenopausal friend.
(Several of YOU have also suggested it...)

Though I would really prefer a valium and martini every 4-6 hours,
this will suffice, I suppose.
Lest I end up with a whole host of other issues.

I will keep you posted on the results as time goes on.
God help us all.

Over and out.


Chris said...

I was wondering where to order the valium pacifiers...supposedly I'm in the same boat you are....but with a 2 y.o. I'll stay "peri" much longer :^)

Jean said...

Mmmmmm, looks good! I am now planning to make banana bread with brown sugar cinnamon topping!

My children thank you!!

Let me know how the cream works!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm in the same boat...tell us all how the cream works.

Also, I'd love to visit your church just to have a tastey!

Better yet, I'll visit you. Lucy and Mia can hang while you show me how to bake and I'll show you how to eat!


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