Wednesday, October 10, 2012

rambling musings {lori leaves the compound!}

Most of my days are spent at home,
doing motherly things like,
baking, cleaning, laundering, and continuously 
checking Facebook.

But once in a while I get to leave our compound.
And rarer still,
I sometimes get to leave without 47 children stuck to my side.

Yesterday afternoon was one of those days.
I put on some eyeliner and my best jeans and headed out!
(On a TUESDAY, no less.)

Nick had a post-op visit with the surgeon,
but before that,
we ran a few errands.

1.  Beauty supply store.
I really have nothing riveting to tell about this.
Except that there's nothing quite like a mother-son visit to a 
beauty supply store.
You can imagine.

2.  Whole Foods-type store.
I needed to buy some grain so we headed to our local granola store.
Nick was in culture shock, let me tell you.
From the moment we pulled up in our gas-guzzling Suburban,
parking alongside all the hybrids,
it was as if we were in a completely different country.
I really take a lot of pleasure in that, to be honest with you.
Not sure why.
Something about my giant vehicle and non-organic-hem clothing,
causing those around me to gasp and whisper.
I love that.
As we walked the aisles, Nick's reaction to the trail-mix-clientele
left me so amused and proud.
I'm not quite sure how to describe it,
except to say that nothing is more joyful than seeing
a room full of hippies through the wide-eyes of a hick-town-teen boy.

He said that next time he goes there,
he's going to wear his,
"I love the smell of burning tires"

I kid, I kid.
(Actually, he really did say that.)

Then was Nick's doctor's appointment.

Now I must tell you my waiting-room-ritual.
I sit down and quickly assess the wait time, based on those around me...
who was there first, who came just after, etc.
I'm very good at this.

Then I assess what everyone's problem is.
What their relationship status is with whomever they're waiting with.
And whether or not they could use some counseling or not.

Not long after I assessed the entire room...
we were moved to the Xray waiting room where there was no one else there but
Nick and me.

You can imagine how that left me with absolutely nothing to do.

So I picked through the magazines.

Here's one I found:

It was a periodical that showed all the area mug shots.
And on the back, 
there was a game where you can try to figure out what crime went
with what face.

I laughed at first....then realized how terribly sad it was.

Let's all make it our collective goal to never end up here.

So then we saw the surgeon,
everything is going great and healing nicely.

Here's a pic of Nick's new hardware:

What man doesn't want a steel plate in his chest?

Okay, I've taken up enough of your precious time with my
rambling musings.

Now go find something productive to do.


Susan A said...

ouch, I didn't realise that Nick's shoulder is really that bad to have a steel pin in it! Hope he's doing alright and not in pain.

I used to think a lot about what others may be talking or saying (I'm deaf), but I am trying to break this habit :)

Tesseraemum said...

Yikes, He's going to set off the alarms at the airport!!

You are way too funny! I too access the waiting room. I had nuerologist appt and ended up with a blood draw. (which I dread, always a loooonnng wait.) yesterday. I talked to a guy about the alligator gar he caught in Texas and to the whiny guy drawing my blood. Made the wait much more exciting I have to say!

Love for Lilly Yin said...

You HAVE to check out the website pick the perp. Its like a game where you pick which crime goes with the mug shot. MAJOR time sucker. : )

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha.... I love you and your blog!!! Somehow it makes me feel like I'm in, so much Luke you! :)

Cari said...

I love your ramblings, but I need to pull myself away from them for now so I can do my "motherly things". :)

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