Wednesday, October 31, 2012

our halloween [a pictorial]

First off,
I feel the need to tell you that I got up at 4:15 this morning
(on purpose!)
to bake 12 loaves of bread.
Fun times!!

Moving on.

So here's the deal.
I no likey Halloween so much.
Not because I am morally opposed or anything.
But because I'm lazy.
When it comes to dragging my kids around in costumes that I have either
paid good-hard-dollars for...or spent hours making,
yes, I admit it.
I'm lazy that way.

to make up for not trick-or-treating...
I made a scavenger hunt!

Here's the pictorial:

(A short break to take a pic of Nick and Dino.)

The kiddos had a blast!  

Then we made chili-cheese taquitos for dinner.


caramel popcorn.

More on that later!


Jean said...

You are such a fun Mom!! What a great idea!! It looks like the kids had a fun time!

Once again I love what you had for dinner!!
Wishin we lived closer!

Sally-Girl! said...

I am not much of a Halloween lover for the very same reason you mentioned!! I LOVE what you did though!! Your kids are just adorable!!!

Tesseraemum said...

That looks like way more work than you're giving yourself credit for!
(Unless, you had Nick do all the work :))

angela ford said...

You are a bundle of contradictions... too lazy to do costumes, but you get up to make bread at 4 am?? Doesn't sound much like lazy sounds like around here.

I like your priorities. A healthy family is a happy family :-)

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