Friday, August 3, 2012

olympics with brenden

So, who's watching the Olympics?

Who's watching the Olympics with
an overly energized Brenden?

That'd be me.

It is no exaggeration to say that he
has uttered yelled,


at least 32 dozen times since the 
games started.
Sometimes we don't even have the TV on
and he yells this.

And tonight was the peak of excitement for him.


I was remiss in not getting any pics of him
watching, clinching, climbing on the couch, 
flailing on the floor,
wishing harm and misfortune upon
all non-American participants.

But once the medals were awarded,
he voiced his huge relief that all stress on him
had been lifted.
Well, thank goodness.

Though he was not happy with 
silver & bronze.
And he will continue to tell anyone who
will listen (or not) that Jordyn was robbed.

Here's Brenden a couple years ago
watching Shawn Johnson
on Dancing with the Stars.

He's pretty confident that they'll get married.
She once waved at him at a gymnastics event.
And my friend Paula goes to the same
dentist as her...and saw her
at Target once.

So, clearly...destiny is leading them


Debby said...

I think Shawn would be an awesome DIL........ I love that you get to watch a show within a

Holly said...

Oh my word... So, I just read this after I read the bit about the VCR, and I am laughing even LOUDER. Your blog is seriously funny. And at night when you are slap happy, it is simply downright hilarious. : )

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