Friday, August 3, 2012

thrifty date night {with green sauce}

It was a rare Friday night out for K-Man and me!

We went to a Mexican restaurant 
that I had never been to before....and it was
There were even Mexicans eating there.
That's always a good sign
of authenticity and deliciousness.
Oh and our waitress asked us if we liked
the green sauce that we were dipping
out chips into...she said she made it herself.
I love that.
And I loved the green sauce.
I love that our waitress made it.
I almost cried.

I don't get out much.

But honestly,
I'd have been pleased as punch with
a #3 Value Meal at
Old McDonald's.
(That's what Isaiah calls it.)

But the fun didn't end there!

Then...we went shopping,
particularly, THRIFT store shopping.
Oh my gosh, it was a blast.

Our big purchase was a $5 VCR.
(We are thinking VHS tapes will soon be
making a comeback.  Just wait, you'll see.)

THEN we stumbled upon THE find of all finds.

We strolled past the glass display case
(where all the high-dollar stuff is kept)...
and much to our delight,
right there amongst the fabulous jewelry,
was a hernia belt.

Well, it was our lucky day!
But Rockefellers, we are not.
So we forced ourselves to pass it by.
We might regret that someday.

And that concluded our thrifty date.

Oh, but when we got home and
tried out our VCR, it chewed up the tape we put in it.

I can't believe it!
Darn you, 80s technology!

And that, my friends, was our
Friday evening.

I hope yours was equally as elegant.


Holly said...

I don't know. I guess I am tired. But I am literally laughing out loud at the mental picture of you sticking in that VHS tape and saying "Darn you, 80's technology..." There, I am laughing again!

Susan said...

Oh, my kind of date. I like to find good bargains, especially if they work. Bummer on the VCR not working. I hope the tape it chewed up was an instructional tape, like Fun & Games with a Hernia Belt! Hee hee!

Tesseraemum said...

I'm jealous!
My evening was filled with vbs songs and an orange octopus named Ocho, melted ice cream and a bounce house! How's that for fun! I didn't even get to share with my dear husband. He was busy driving the boy to his friends house. HE gets to go to michigan for a fun weekend away!
I can do you one better than a $5 vcr! We have, at our local Hope Center, a FREE thrift store! Not even kidding! I can hook you up with a fan right now for your summer kitchen! Folks around here are great. Friday must have been take a fan to the hope centerday and I didn't get the memo! 3 different people brought in 7 fans to give away! There are always clothes and dishes too! Its a bit of a drive for you but if you come I'll be sure you get a stuffed animal or a microwave thrown in for your trouble! See you soon Sheri :)

Chad and Kristy said...

Ok, I must admit, when you said thrifty and green sauce my mind went to Taco Bell:)

Our date night consisted of two rocking chairs on the front porch with the soud of fighting kids in the house....oh the joy!

Debby said...

Oh so funny!!

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