Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I wasn't able to throw my support
for Chic-Fil-A into the ring today.
I wanted to, believe me.
weighing my options and pro's and con's,
I opted out.
(The family freak flag is flying high these days)
However, I did insist that K-Man go for lunch...
and he so reluctantly went.
He knows how to take one for the team,
I tell ya.

But in honor of Chic-Fil-A
I fried my own chicken tonight.
Girls, yes I did.

And because our electric bill was $446 last month,
DESPITE our concerted efforts to crank
up the AC and turn off lights,
I opted to fry my chicken out in my glamorous
garage kitchen,
so not to heat up the house.

I had sweat dripping off my everythings.
Yes I did.

And I recruited Lucy to take pics.
(Of the chicken frying...not the above dripping.)
To which she said, "How many do I have to take??"
To which I said,
"Twenty, now stop complaining."


Sorry for the nose-shot.
But look at those glorious chicken strips
fryin' away.
Forget cholesterol.
Forget deep-fat fears.
Forget New-Age nutritional hooey.
I've got southern roots, man.
I gotta do it.
I just do.

And I have left-overs.


Here's to YOU, 
And Chic-Fil-Lori.


jen said...

Now I'm seriously coveting your garage kitchen. And your chicken is lovely, too.

How in the heck did you manage leftovers???

Love for Lilly Yin said...

A garage kitchen? How did you manage that? Do tell.

Our Family said...

Yeah, I want to hear about the garage kitchen too. And, the leftovers, for that matter.

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