Tuesday, July 31, 2012

people, poultry, and other living things...

I had six hens get out today.
Who forgot to show them yesterday's sermon post?


Hello, Kitty!


Forever little boys.
Doing little boy things like
putting a glass of water in the freezer
to see what would happen.

Oh, the suspense!

2nd grade science for almost
grown men.



And this is my life's shenanigans
with the people, poultry, and other living things
with whom I share air.

It is what it is.


Chris said...

You need some ditches to dig...
Actually those days are fun...the crazy teen boys that is...I don't get to see too much of mine this summer...a wife has one and a job has the other

Shonni said...

Your boys are a constant source of inspiration to the next generation!!!! LOL I love to see what they come up with!
Truly “Boys will be boys.”

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