Monday, July 30, 2012

crazy hens on the loose

Every single day this summer
I've had escapee-hens.

And every single day
I try to coax them back to safety,
with little immediate success.

And every single day
I write a sermon in my mind,
as I'm chasing the above mentioned hens around 
my yard.

"Chickens," I say, "I am your keeper,
I feed you endless supplies of food.
And give you ever-flowing drinks of water.
I give you safe boundaries.
And within those boundaries, your life is
pretty darn good.
No predators that I can't single-handedly
take down.
Nothing is bigger than me,
your care-taker,
that I can't protect you from."

(Okay, maybe that's a bit far-fetched....
cause I doubt that I would rise to the occasion,
should a 
 get in their pen.)

But for the sake of my sermon,
this works. 

How too often we
run around like crazy hens,
fretting, worrying, living-life-on-the loose,
thinking life is easier on our own...
free from the boundaries of safety and
endless Living Water,
yet resisting THE ONE who wants to
get us back to that very safety, as soon as possible?

Yes, we all do it.

It's ridiculous, right?
Yep, it is.

Thank you Jesus for your patience
and extreme measures to
get us back into the hen-house of life!

I will finish the outline of my sermon notes
and send them to area pastors.

I have a few loose ends to tie together first.
And perhaps some sort of
Maybe a felt board.
Not sure yet.


Oh, and to my hens...
Just so you know, 
I'm not Jesus.
And I will eventually leave you for dead
if you don't stop escaping.
(That's not part of my sermon.)
(Although maybe it should be.)

Speaking inquiries welcomed.
Shoot me an email.


Chris said...

You get yourself to my small burg and I'll get you a speaking engagement! Where is the recipe for your hamburger helper...and I may need to try tacos tomorrow night

jen said...

Preach it, Sister! : )

On a chicken note... they sure do cause a lot of destruction when they're on the loose, too. Their dust baths under my lilacs are practically exposing all the roots. Not to mention the fact that they stalk the dog and cat food and terrorize the domestic animals.

...But I still love 'em!

Anonymous said...

You crack me up! I have been wanting to "do" chickens for a while and now I am wondering if I am up for their antics. I guess my husband would have new sermon material though--lol!

Madeleine said...

Excellent sermon.
seriously, do you do speaking engagements?

ecause we could use a real person, with real stories, and add some laughter.


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