Thursday, July 5, 2012

our independence day

We had one wild and wacky
Independence Day celebration.

We swam.
We ate.
And we par-tayed.
And by "party" I mean...
well, here's what I mean:

The fireworks began prompted
at around 5 PM,
to ensure optimal lighting.
Yes, that's it.

And we made sure Little Man
had his PJ's on.
Because, you know,
it was getting so late and all.
(Ignore the extreme sunshine)
Isaiah-Bob Square Pants.

The display was the finest these kids
(and cows)
have ever seen.
It was the best $13.45 we've ever spent.

Just look at Macy...
she's having the time of her life.
Watch it with that sparkler, girl...
you're about to set our golf-course lawn

And then we set all the children on fire.
Lucy escaped.

Then K-Man and I posed
for some photos.

We really enjoyed our day.


Janet and Kevin said...

Happy 4th you crazy, wild lady!! :)

janet and gang

David and Janet Hurley said...

Simple fun is the best fun!!!

Chris said...

Sounds like our 4th. Only my hubby wont' take cool pictures like that.
In PA not much is legal (in the line of fireworks that is) so we didn't have a San Diego display.

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