Saturday, July 7, 2012

my friend connie and me!

My sweet friend Connie and her family
invited Eli to come down to their
house for a visit!

So he and I loaded up early yesterday morning
and headed south.

As I was getting dressed for the day
and put on my WildOlive t-shirt,
I thought to myself,
I bet anything that Connie wears her t-shirt, too.

Sure enough....

We are available for modeling gigs,
so, just give us a call.

And how sad is it that despite there
being darling little children all around us,
the only pics on my camera
were of the two of us?
So sad.


connie said...

I don't even remember what was so funny, but I'm sure it was GOOD! Thanks for the visit, friend!

Jodi said...

How wonderfully fun! LOVE it!

Cari said...

Hey I have that same shirt! Next time I'll join ya, so we can pretend to be Charlie's Angels...or something like that. :)

Holly said...

That is so great. I love it! And I love it that you only got pictures of yourselves! That means something...I'm just not sure what, but I know it's good!

Susan A said...

Love that you had a blast together :)

Jean said...

You two are so cute together!! Man I wish I was there to have in on some of that fun!!

Love the shirts!! Great minds think alike!

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