Monday, July 9, 2012

flying the coop

I have a couple of hens who
insist on flying the coop.
It's the only way I can figure out
that they are getting out.
It happens almost every day.

And today,
I just let them do their thang.
Freedom never felt so good.
They told me so.

I came outside to find them
wandering through the garden,
just eating bugs & keeping an eye
on things.

They were squealing with delight.

And now that my garden season
is about over,
thanks to this dessert-like drought
(and a water bill $150 more than normal. GASP!),
I'm thinking it's time to let all the girls
loose to enjoy the property.

It's going to be a chicken fiesta!

here's a few pics from my little
homestead today:

I also found this adorable little guy in my garden.

And he found this impressive watermelon.

Here's my translation of
what Dino the kitty-cat was thinking:
"You have got to be kidding me.
What is SHE doing here?"

And here's that cute little guy again.
With his cute little kitty.
And my cute little garden.

I hope you have a lovely day
on your homestead, too!


Debby said...

Seriously?!! YOU have a water bill? So glad we don't...but then again your water is probably better than ours...

I wonder how many of your chickens will survive their

Good luck with the water mellon...raccoon always get mine before they are ready....

Claire said...

Hi! Random, but what kind of cat do you have?

David and Janet Hurley said...

He is soooo cute! (the boy not the cat or chicken thing). I think he looks more and more like K-man. Like you hear about old married couple growing to look alike=)

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