Tuesday, July 10, 2012

cease all exercise

Well, looky at me.
I got me some new running shoes!
And all psyched up to get back into shape.

We moved our treadmill down to the barn,
as well as our dinosaur big-screen TV.
It's the greatest set-up EVER.
(Besides the fact that there is no AC...
or snack bar.)

It is so fun!

Oh, except that my extreme personality
insisting on me hitting it gung-ho and I hurt
my knee.
I mean, I REALLY hurt my knee.

I tried it again the next day...and I just can't do it.

So now what's a girl to do?

Cease all exercise, that's what.

And don't you worry,
I've got that new plan covered quite nicely.

Give me a call if you'd like to hire
me as your personal trainer.


On a completely unrelated note,

is coming to visit me on Thursday
and staying for a long weekend!!



Chris said...

You have quite the visiting going on there! I'm a little jealous.

About the over-doing it....now put away those running shoes and sit down until the urge goes away...
No really, I hope your knee gets better, we are too young to start w/ bad knees already.

Patty said...

Yahoooooo! Almost there! Yeah umm, forget the running while I'm there, I mean I'd walk with you....I love walking but running?? Forget it!

Karin said...

I did something similar earlier this year. We got a YMCA membership and I walked the track every day for two weeks and got shin splints so bad I had to quit. I have yet to restart. ha. AND....our Y has a pool so now I am stuck taking the kids there practically every day--which would be fine except our Y has lifeguards trained by Atila the Hun who INSIST that I am in the pool with all of my kids who have to use life preserving devices. GRRRRRRR.....

julie said...

Would you believe I am leaving in the morning to visit my friend in North Carolina...she adopted Mia's best friend from the orphanage...what a coincidence!!! I hope you both have a blast together. I know my BFF and I are going to!

Jean said...

Hey have fun with Patty!! Hope your knee feels better soon! Darn exercising- it's just not worth it! ;-)

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