Friday, July 13, 2012

winter in july

Did you ever see that Twilight Zone
where the temperature outside was getting
hotter and hotter and hotter...
and everyone was going out of their

I fear that is happening here.
I'm so very thirsty.
And sweaty.

So in an effort to bring some sweet relief
to our very sultry days,
I am posting these wintery pictures.

Golly, it feels good to say that.

Dear, January...
I wait in eager expectation for your arrival.
You are my long-lost love.
And you are worth the being patient for.
But really, please do hurry.



The Kings said... don't live in Northern MN. Winter can stay away as long as it wants. :)

Jean said...

I'm with the kings! Go away winter and stay away!!

you are going to be singing a different tune come January! AND you will have to do a make up post in January pleading for July to come back!

notre enfant de Chine said...

Hi Lori !

Could you please send me your summer ? In exchange, you could get our "Fall in July" !!!
It is raining all the time here... I can hardly imagine I am on holiday... and the weather is so bad, that our son would like to go back to school NOW (he finished only a week ago)

Lots of love,

Annie said...

Oh yes, please do, dearest January!

And by the way, good gravy!! Is that a wolf looking in your window?? Ok, I doubt it is, but wow, that is a BIG dog!!!!!!

Karin said...

Nooooooo....only you people in somewhat southern areas want winter to come. At least in hot weather I don't have to break out the parkas. ha.

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