Monday, June 18, 2012

off the grid

(To my friend, Saro. I borrowed your FB pic!)

Oh my word.
These four boys (and I do mean, BOYS),
one of which is my Brenden,
are off-the-grid, camping in Wisconsin...or Michigan...
or Minnesota.
We aren't exactly sure.
But wherever, all I know is...
they had to canoe to their campsite
and have no cell service.

I bet Brenden that before by the second night
they'd be in a Hilton.

But that's just based on my own experience.

I do not likes not having contact with all my baby chicks.


Anonymous said...

I bet they are at the Boundary
Waters area of northern Minnesota.
My nephew and fiance went there and were driven out by bugs and thunder storms....hope your boys have a better time! Its a beautiful area, except for the bugs. mm, vancouver, wa.

Robin said...

It's amazing what technology has done to us, isn't it? I backpacked through Europe in college, meaning that for weeks on end my parents didn't even know what COUNTRY I was in, let alone which city. Me? I feel uncomfortable if my kids go in the elevator without a cellphone...

Hope they have a great trip!

Rachel said...

and I was wallowing in self pity b/c Ali is @ youth camp w/ no cell service. maybe they'll meet up, but that would mean one of them was REALLY lost. Hmmmm.... "OH matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match..."

Holly said...

I am with you!

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