Thursday, June 21, 2012

it is what it is.

Well hello, you!

I have no idea where my time is going this summer.
Certainly not cleaning.

I get up early in the morning and crash into bed
at night...feeling worn out to the core from what's in between.
Yet, I have little to show for it.
Or so it seems.

I really would like to hear from two
groups of you:

1. Those of you who are just like me (see pic below),
who work, work, work...
yet never seem to make a blasted dent in anything.


2. Those of you who really do have it all together.
You wipe your bathroom
counter-tops down
Your bookshelves are dusted.
Your house is tidy-tidy all the time.
(Gag. Whatever. Sick.)

For those of you in category #1,

I want to know that I'm not alone.
Please, tell me that I'm not alone.
Please tell me that your bed may be made,
but you have soap scum in your shower.
Your dishes may be done,
but your floor hasn't been mopped in weeks.
Etc., etc.

And if you fall into category #2,
please, PLEASE tell me how this is possible.
Let me in on the secret.

It's time.

And without further ado,
here is my laundry room.
Photographed just minutes ago.

And no, I did not stage this whatsoever.
It is what it is.

Don't be jealous.


Matilda Joyce said...

I'm with you, EXCEPT when I follow Then, I'm better. Google it!

Chris said...

maybe I need Matilda's advice...but my laundry/mud room looks very similar, except you got nicer floor.
The dishes get washed b/c the kids need something to do. The bathroom sinks get wiped once a week again b/c the kids need something to do
but somehow the living room floor is littered with books and the kitchen table has 'stuff' on it...(not even from supper)
You are definitely not alone.

Our Faith Walk said...

OK Lori, I'm in category #2, but only because I delegate work to my kids. EVERYBODY helps out and has chores which are done first thing before their free-time (now that it's summer) and schoolwork (during the school year).

I do a load or two of laundry every day and I have different colored hampers (white for whites, blue for towels, and green for colors). Now that I have teens, I took their hampers out of their bedrooms because with sports, their rooms were very...well...smelly. Our laundry is in the attached garage so this system has helped a lot (smell-wise). Now, they put their dirty clothes in the correct hamper each day and that way the laundry is already sorted and ready to go in the wash. One full hamper = 1 load, so it's easy to tell when I need to do a load.

Bathrooms get thoroughly cleaned each week, but even my nine year old can do a simple daily wipe down (windex on mirrors, fantastic on countertops and toliet tops). She also picks up shoes daily and puts them away and sweeps our courtyard every other day. (We have a lot of leaf droppings.)

My eldest daughter swiffers every night after dinner and I usually wet mop once a month. I cook and the boys help with dishes. All the other chores all delegated as needed.

Many hands really does make lighter work.

Hope that helps.


Holly said...

Are you asking for confessions? My kids think the fact that it's the laundry room/pantry/back porch/mudroom means they can just dump their dirty duds willy-nilly anywhere. The same is true for removing their barn boots and barn coats. The floor is just as good as a hook or next to the wall. Did I mention that this is where our puzzles get stored? Throw in a few puzzle pieces from the boxes that regularly slide off the shelves and what you've got doesn't look too bad. :P

Anonymous said...

In the winter, I keep house. In the summer it keeps itself....

Rebecca said...

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE you! I am category 1, but a wanna-be category 2. I love things nice, neat, and clean... But I ain't a slave to it. I'm only one fractured woman for heavens sake! I can only do so much and then it's time to let it go. My laundry room tops yours btw!

Hunan Mommy said...

It pains be, because I want to be in category #2, but there's so much other fun stuff to do! Like be outside! And BTW, it was a relief to know I'm not alone!

Susan A said...

I'm in category 2, but that's only because I'm single and live by myself... I'm sure that if I have kids and a husband, I'll be shifting to category 1.... that's totally natural :)

I think category 1 is normal :) category 2 is nicer, but it can be lonely.

Joy said...

My house has been clean ONCE since the boys arrived in April 2011. Once. Feel better now? :-)

Anonymous said...

OH HONEY. I hear ya. I have been working my hind end off from dawn to dusk and am exhausted, but you sure wouldn't know it from the looks of things. And the people who comment "my kids help with all the chores...many hands make lighter work...yada yada yada...." Well, duh, of course my kids help and do all those regular assigned chores..etc etc etc....BUT THEN there is the REST of life that happens ALL THE TIME and just throws my laundry room (and all the other rooms) into disaster zones. Oh my. :)

Robin said...

My bed's not even made ;).

Holly said...

I am with YOU! Yeah, my house is messy (and especially so since summer has been with us), but I am pretty sure we have more fun than the category 2 people!

Tesseraemum said...

I'm a #1 who used to be a #2!
My problem is this darn family ;)
I clean and organize one room only to return to the previously organized and clean room next door to find it TRASHED! I feel the need to just sit on the floor and cry. Here's a telling tale...The other day I was actually making my bed and Audrey asked "OOO, who's coming over today?" I asked why she asked that... "Well, your making your bed. You only do that when people are coming!"
My kids have chores but I swear they are going to be slobs all their lives because I'm such a slacker! Sheri

Justine said...

Completely there with you and was getting super-frustrated that I apparently stink at being a mom, until yesterday when I had an epiphany that it will all get done sooner or later and that stressing won't help, and I just need to reorder my priorities (God first, family next, house way down the list.). Yesterday was potentially one of the most stressful days of the summer, but turned out great with the new mindset (in spite of me getting totally lost on my way to pick up my daughter and her friends from camp and then being 25 minutes late.)

Anonymous said...

I am with you! I am a public school teacher and usually get stuff done in the summet but this yr I have not done a THING and an a little worried but not rnough to get motivated

Kelly Marriott said...

Category 1. I can't even see my bed, much less make it.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the laundry....this was my freeing moment when I was lamenting to a mom of 4 about never getting the laundry done/caught up and she told me "laundry is something you do, not something you get done". Ahhhhh, felt so much better. I do like the persons idea of the colored laundry hampers and everyone putting the items in it. If anything the room will appear neater if all the stuff is in hampers--lol.

Kathryn said...

I like to say that my house is clean...just never all at once. Each room takes its turn and the others patiently wallow in their various "state of being" until it's their turn. :)

p.s. I *LOVE* your blog!

Loren said...

Definitely category 1. And I have a fridge magnet that says 'Cleaning your house while your children are growing is like shovelling snow while it's still snowing'.

Btw, can we have a post on Elijah please? How is he doing and how is his English coming along?

Anonymous said...

I try and try and delegate and delegate. Sometimes I make headway. Sometimes I think a bomb goes off in the house. 2 teens and we have 2 big dogs and I let all four in the house. I'll keep trying and maybe, just maybe someday it will all come together!


David and Janet Hurley said...

I waffle between the 2. I try to be #2, but then we will have lots of appts or work outside, and I end up a #1, trying to catch up.
My bathroom counter DOES get wiped every day!!How? an 8yo girl has it as her main chore each day=)
When we added 4 in 20 months, and lost the 2 teens at the beginning of that 20 months--loss of slave labor--I knew I had to get it togehter, and start making the littles do chores. I simply could not do it all. I had ALWAYS done all the big cleaning in 1 day, so everything was sparkling and could be enjoyed a day or two. BUT After the teens left, I discovered I am old--and cannot possibly clean our house in 1 day, unless I lock the children in a closet and do not feed them. SO, I divided my chores up on a daily schedule, and when i can stay on track--everything is grand. We have 3 levels, so 1 gets cleaned each day, then laundry, ironing, etc on the other 2 days of the week..sort of,,,maybe I'll blog my schedule soon.

Judy Deaton said...

I'm with the lady that said she's a #1...but WANTS to be a #2. I lay in bed at night and PLAN how I'm going to get more organized.....then morning comes....and it doesn't seem that important anymore.... I even have colored laundry baskets.....and they still drop the clothes right beside them?? I love the idea of asigning chores....but find that it's more work to enforce... as just doing it myself.....well....when it gets done. thing I've found...the people in group #1....Usually....I said usually.......have a much better sense of humor:) Keep blogging! You make me laugh:)....and at 9wks home with 2 adopted 5yr olds....I NEED something to laugh about. WHEW! I'm just trying to get them to understand english....much less assign chores. They are both from Zhongshan.....isn't that where your little guy is from?

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