Sunday, June 17, 2012

carrots and goggles

We had a most delightful weekend.

Father's Day started with breakfast in bed
for a much-deserving K-Man,
then pizza for lunch from his favorite pizza place...
then fried chicken for dinner!
We just went from one meal to the next.
That's how we roll.
And roll and roll and roll.


Looky looky what I picked from my garden!

We've never before had any success with carrots in the past.
If only you could have seen the giddy smile on my face
when I started pulling these beauties out of the ground.
I was skipping around like a school girl.

And there's about 72 more to pull.
Wootie, woot woot!

And unrelated to carrots,
I couldn't resist showing you more goggle pics.
This poor child has no idea
what the real purpose of goggles are.
They are never securely on his eyes.
Yet he insists on wearing them.
I'm pretty sure he thinks they are for decoration only.
Or a flotation device.

That's all for now.

Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful carrots!!!

quilt'n-mama said...

We have been pulling carrots from our garden this week too! The kids picked out some fun colored carrots- purple, white, yellow and orange, we are loving them!

Love the goggles... what a handsome little man you have:)

Shonni said...

Yes, that goggle pics are adorable!!! I love fresh carrots from the garden - yum.

Debby said...

I've never been able to grow carrots. Your's look AWESOME!!! I hope they are as yummy as they look...

Madeleine said...

Oh MY WORD! I literally LAUGHED OUT LOUD on that last picture. Your home must be such a great place. <3

Jean said...

Love the carrots!! They are beauts! and I bet they are tasty!! Make me want to garden... kind of!
Or go to the farmers market!

Happy Fathers day to man! Sounds like a filling day!!

AND the boy with the goggles! HA! We were just talking about that! Abby, Sam and Luke have no clue either. BUT they always want them! We're starting to hid them from them! Oops sorry, they're lost!

Cute pics !!

Jean said...

Why do I always have typos...

It's so humbling!


And then I will add in an UGH or is it an UHG or ?

Holly said...

That is Sarah exactly. EVERY time she gets in the pool she has to have her goggles on. Never mind that she stays in a floaty thing the whole time. Never mind that her brothers might actually need to use those goggles. Oh, no. She must have them. Gotta love these kids. : )

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